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What is Jodaro and what does it do?

Jodaro is a multicommerce platform that helps manufacturers and brands in India sell their products globally effortlessly. We handle everything from international marketplace integration to logistics and compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Why should I go global with Jodaro?

Global expansion opens up a vast new market, increases brand awareness, and diversifies your customer base. Jodaro makes this process smooth and efficient, minimizing risks and maximizing your potential.

What are the advantages of using Jodaro for global sale?

We offer market expertise, seamless integration with major marketplaces, efficient logistics solutions, and comprehensive compliance support. We also handle currency conversion, payment processing, and customer service.

Selling, Strategy and Marketing:

Why should a manufacturer build a direct-to-consumer channel?

By selling directly to consumers, manufacturers can earn 1.5x - 2x in gross profits per unit domestically and 3x - 5x per unit internationally as compared to B2B channels. Additionally, the volumes achievable in the D2C channel are manifold higher than the B2B channel.

How much does the brand/manufacturer need to spend on marketing?

The marketing spend can be broadly classified into two segments: Spends on e-commerce platforms on search ads and display ads (SEM) - This is a direct advertisement for high-intent shoppers and is controlled precisely by our algorithms to adhere to a pre-approved Return On Investment (ROI = Total Sales/Total Ad Spend) for each rupee spent on ads. Spends on Social Media Marketing (SMM) - These are often advertisements used to build brand awareness for the target audience. Spends on these channels are dependent on the budgets allocated for long-term growth by the manufacturer. Typically, in the steady state, the most successful brands spend between 5% to 10% of their topline on marketing via these channels.

How long does it take for sales to pick up to considerable volumes?

For a new brand launch, it typically takes between 3 to 6 months to achieve significant sales volumes. The timeline can vary based on the product category and customer reviews received. Throughout this period, Jodaro collaborates closely with brands and manufacturers to incorporate feedback and offer strategic insights to maximize sales.

How can I promote my products effectively in international markets?

We handle end-to-end marketing and to help you reach your target audience in different countries. We also help you leverage social media, content marketing, and other online channels.

International Expansion:

Which international marketplaces does Jodaro support?

Jodaro integrates with leading international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy, among others, tailored to your products and target market. Additionally, Jodaros own e-commerce platform,, will be launching soon to further assist manufacturers with international expansion.

How do I start selling globally with Jodaro?

Our simple sign-up process guides you through every step. You can list your products, choose your target markets, and access various resources to navigate international compliance.

What types of products can I sell through Jodaro?

We support a wide range of products across various categories, from apparel and consumer electronics to home goods and handicrafts.

How does Jodaro decide what pricing to set for SKUs?

Jodaro builds in flexibility for the brand/ manufacturer to specify a lower and upper limit on the pricing of each SKU. We work with the brand/ manufacturer during catalog creation discussions on the components that go into pricing an SKU including competitor and market intelligence. The pricing is designed to include costs associated with e-commerce sales.

What are some important considerations for entering a new market?

Understanding local consumer preferences, competitor analysis, and cultural nuances is crucial for success. We provide resources and support to help you navigate these factors.

Logistics and Compliance:

How does Jodaro handle shipping and logistics?

We offer various shipping options and partner with reliable carriers to ensure smooth and cost-effective delivery to your international customers.

Do I need to handle customs clearance myself?

No, Jodaro takes care of customs clearance and documentation for your shipments, ensuring smooth border crossings and timely delivery.

What documents do I need to sell internationally with Jodaro?

Required documents may vary depending on the chosen marketplace and destination. Jodaro guides you through the process and provides assistance with necessary documents like GST certificates, IEC, AD codes, invoices, etc.

What are the typical shipping costs for international orders?

Shipping costs vary depending on product size, weight, destination, and chosen shipping method. We offer accurate cost estimates during the listing process.

Does Jodaro help with obtaining any specific licenses or permits?

While we cannot directly obtain licenses or permits on your behalf, we can provide guidance and resources to help you understand and acquire necessary permits based on your products and target markets.


How are accounts on e-commerce operated?

We integrate with leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and others, depending on your products and target market.

What is the process for the creation of listing catalogs on marketplaces?

Jodaro will handle the process of listing catalog creation. We will arrange a pickup of the SKUs from the warehouse of the brand/manufacturer. The brand/manufacturer has to only hand over the shortlisted SKUs, labeled for identification, to the pickup service. After completion of photography and descriptive catalog creation, these products will be shipped back to the origin address.

Does Jodaro offer customer support?

Yes, we offer dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or challenges you may face during your global selling journey.

What are the estimated delivery times to different regions?

Delivery times vary depending on the destination, shipping method, and product type. You can find estimated delivery times on our website or contact customer support for specific inquiries.


How do I receive payments from international sales?

Jodaro handles secure payment processing and transfers earnings directly to your Indian bank account in your preferred currency.

What fees does Jodaro charge?

Our fee structure is transparent and varies based on your chosen services and volume of sales. We offer competitive rates and clear upfront pricing.


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Jodaro is the one-stop solution for global omni-channel ecommerce acceleration for manufacturers and brands. We bring in technical, analytical, operational and strategic expertise to enable rapid global growth for our partners on major marketplaces as well as D2C channels.

We manage the entire e-commerce life cycle for our partners starting from inventory projections and logistics to post-sale support and profit analytics.

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